A large part of Amsterdam’s tourism is for its world famous area where prostitution is legal. Many different people explore these streets and it is very normal to see couples and even families around because it is normal in Holland, almost acceptable!







Before you go knocking on windows just to be nosey the costs are pretty much standard, 50 euros for oral and sex. There are also brothels for the more experimental of people but this costs much much more.

The main redlight district is known locally as “De Wallen”, its in one of the oldest areas of Amsterdam that is near the ports which made it popular with sailors from around the globe. The two other redlight districts in Amsterdam are Walletjes (between Centraal Station and Nieuwenmarkt) and de Pijp (behind the Rijksmuseum) but are considerably smaller.






You may have no intentions to go with any of the hundreds of women or ladyboys but please do not let that put you off going to De Wallen, it certainly is an experience. Apart from this being an area for prostitution there are some good coffeeshops and bars in the area, you will be offered drugs by street sellers in this area, do not waste your money as it is known to always be fake or of very poor quality.


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