In all of Amsterdam there are over 50 museums some of which are world reknown and are visited by millions of people every year, the more famous are the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum not to forget the smaller yet just as popular Sex, Erotic, Hash or Torture museums.







The major museums are on or around a massive square called Museumplein, this is just around the corner from Leidsplein where you should easily find using the trams. When walking around Amsterdam you see long purple boxes being carried around by everyone, these are prints from the Van Gogh Museum, everyone says they won’t buy one but after seeing all that original art work you just feel inspired to purchase your own Van Gogh.

You can purchase a heavily discounted pass that gets you in a lot of the museums in amsterdam from Museumkaart. Check your hotels lobby too, many of them have discount passes for you to take but I wouldn’t recommend the “FREE DIAMOND TOUR” unless you are interested in buying any.


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