Frequently Asked Questions

•Is it legal to smoke weed in Holland? NO, it is tolerated by the people and the law if you smoke in the coffeeshops and in your own homes, most hotels forbid it too.

•Can I smoke in bars? NO, please only smoke in coffeeshops, NOT in cafes, clubs or restaurants. If you see someone else smoking weed in a place that isn’t a coffeeshop its OK to ask the bar staff, they may turn a blind eye to it.

•Is it true you can’t mix with tobacoo anymore? Yes it is true, sadly the NL government like most countries now have made it illegal to smoke tobacco in public areas including workplaces. However some coffeeshops have specified areas where you still can mix with tobacco, if unsure remember its OK to ask.

•Is it legal to use hard drugs? NO, in fact in Holland they take this more seriously than most. Do not buy anything from the men in streets as this is NOT cocaine, ecstacy or anything genuine.

•Is it legal to consume magic mushrooms? NO, not anymore, although if you are very lucky you may find a head shop that is still selling them they are considered a new problem in Holland and are no longer available.

•Is it legal to have sex with a prostitute? YES (with the authorised ladies in brothels and windows)

•Are the prostitutes safe? Although we can not confirm any results the ladies are tested reguarly and tightly regulated.

•Is it safe to walk alone? Generally we would say yes but like any other major city there is crime but if you use your common sense and stay in the tourist areas you are OK, we have never had trouble day or night.

•I don’t smoke, is it still worth going? Yes and no, if the people you are going with intend to smoke in the coffeeshops then normally that is where you stay however Amsterdam has many tourist attractions that bring people from all over the world, check out OUR links page for more information.

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