Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in the world and just getting around can seem expensive, below we have listed a couple of things you can do in Amsterdam to pass the time without it costing you a fortune.

1.Get a drink and lean against the wall in front of the large Grasshopper, if you stay there for just half an hour over a thousand people will walk by, not bad for you people watching lovers.
2.On the far side of Centraal Station you can walk out to a small ferry terminal, from here you can catch several free ferries where you can go for a walk or have a drink in a cafe away from the city centre.
3.On a warm day you can relax in a hugh park called Vondelpark, its near Leidsplein. The park is based on Central Park in New York and has lakes, artwork and a colourful history to explore.
4.Catch the Metro from the city centre to the Amsterdam Arena, its home to the world famous AFC Ajax.
5.Get the train from Centraal Sation to Zandvoort on a sunny day, it has a beautiful beach and is only 20 minutes away.
6.Walk there, its a safe city and everywhere is within a couple of mile walk, enjoy the scenery and take a stroll.

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