Name De Baron
Town Breda
Picture Map
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Street Boschstraat 127
Music 4 Buds
Drink Costs 3 Buds
Marijuana Costs 3 Buds
Marijuana Quality 5 Buds
Tourist Friendly 4 Buds
Overall 4 Buds
KopBusterFan’01 Review When in Breda, this is one of my favourite coffeeshops. When you enter, you’ll notice the shop is divided in two separated areas. The hallway leads you straight to the counter where you can buy marijuana, hashish, seeds, and smoking paraphenalia. To the left of the counter is the (kinda clean) WC and on the right you enter the smoking area trough a glass door. Because of the cosy, loungy interior with a unique, chill-out atmosphere, it’s mostly fully occupied with a mix of locals and a few tourists who were lucky enough to find a free spot. To your left is the bar where you can order various (non-alcoholic) warm and cold beverages and some snacks as well. This time, I bought the rather pricey Amnesia (12,50 euro’s/gr.) ‘cuz I smelled it when someone opened that glass door when I was waiting in line. I found myself a table, ordered a coffee, and broke out the fine weed. It was very tasty and has a very strong, long-lasting and mellow high. Got a free pack of rolling papers and filtertips too, sweet!

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