Name Tweede Kamer
Town Amsterdam
Picture Map
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Street Heisteeg
Music 4 Buds
Drink Costs 5 Buds
Marijuana Costs 5 Buds
Marijuana Quality 5 Buds
Tourist Friendly 5 Buds
Overall 5 Buds
Melodee Monroe Review My goal was to visit as many coffeeshops as possible during my two week stay and Tweede Kamer was on my list. I looked for it for days, and after I found it I realized I had passed it more than once. I finally found it by smell and good fortune. I happened to inhale just as someone opened the door, just as I walked past. Its cozy and friendly with excellent buddage. I had the luxury of being able to go early in the day and on weekdays so rarely found a crowd. The budtender was very helpful and made sure I got the flyer that told what to do if you smoke too much. Thoughtful, but not necessary since I learned years ago to pace myself.

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