Name De Kroon
Town Amsterdam
Picture Map
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Street Oudebrugsteeg
Music 3 Buds
Drink Costs 1 Buds
Marijuana Costs 2 Buds
Marijuana Quality 3 Buds
Tourist Friendly 5 Buds
Overall 3 Buds Review De Kroon is a trendy little haven amongst the hustle of damrak. Its serene green lighting & suspended cube seating makes this coffeeshop stand out from the rest. However de kroon’s ultra modern smoking experience means it’s a whistle-stop smoke for me – the comfort factor is low, which bumps this coffeeshop down my list of must-go-to’s when i’m in the dam. That said, de kroon offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to its customers, making it a worthwhile quicky chong stop during a busy day in the dam.

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