Name Grasshopper 2 (The Big Grasshopper)
Town Amsterdam
Picture Map
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Street Oudebrugsteeg
Music 3 Buds
Drink Costs 0 Buds
Marijuana Costs 1 Buds
Marijuana Quality 4 Buds
Tourist Friendly 4 Buds
Overall 3 Buds Review This is the larger Grasshopper of the two and the one everyone references as “The Grasshopper” made famous by “The Streets” song. This is many things under one roof, a steak house, a sports bar and a coffeeshop in the basement. One of everyones first coffeeshops people go in as you can not miss it from the main shopping street, the music is normally the TV, the drinks expensive and are in paper cups and the weed is strong but expensive but everyone loves it. A very cool place to hand out and chat to fellow stoners.

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